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Debt Negotiation & Debt Settlement 101

Debt Settlement Facts

Basic Debt Negotiation Facts

You do not need a debt settlement company to settle your own debt. Do it yourself debt settlement is not rocket science. Once you understand the debt settlement process and how it works, you can settle your own debts. Our self help debt settlement process is the same method debt settlement companies' use without the costs associated with a traditional debt settlement company.

Debt settlement companies are not acting in your best interest. Remember, they are a for profit industry. They have expenses to run their business and you are paying their bills. Save the money on excessive fees and settle your own debts. Every dollar you pay to a debt settlement company to do something you could do yourself, is money you could have used to settle your debts earlier than they would have.

Self Help Debt Settlement

Are Debt Settlement Companies Really in Your Corner?

Debt Settlement is a multi billion dollar for profit industry; Your income funds this entire industry! Don't waste money on debt settlement companies; settle your debts yourself.

Don't Pay High Fees & Percentages! The majority of debt settlement companies charge very high signup fees. Then, some of them even charge you a percentage of what they save you!