About Our Self Help Debt Settlement & Debt Negotiation Process

With over a quarter century in the credit industry, the creator of this self help debt settlement website has utilized inside knowledge of how best to work with your creditors to achieve your financial goals. Understanding the nuances of the credit and collection industry and laws that govern your creditors can be your most valuable tool.

By using the tools we will provide you after you sign up with this self help debt settlement website, you will have all the necessary tools to successfully negotiate with your creditors without a debt settlement company.

Our self help process helps you negotiate with your creditors and reduces the time it will take you to become debt free. Start saving for your future, by reducing the amount of debt you have today.

Unlike most debt settlement companies, we do not hide our fees. You pay a one time fee of $49.99 to access our self help website. Also, sign up today and recieve the eBook "Negotiate and Settle Your Debts" absolutely free. This eBook was written by a woman who experienced the self help debt settlement process alone. After seeing our method she said of our program: "This is an ingenious new completely out of the box method of stepping you through the actual self help debt settlement process".

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